I’m incredibly excited to announce that my new book was published on the 1st of June 2018. Titled – The Master Presenter: Delivering the Perfect Pitch – it’s the written version of a presentation I’ve delivered to more than 50,000 people over the past 10 years. This presentation has been the most significant things we’ve ever done to address one of the greatest forms of waste in society and business; failing to get buy in to good ideas that would add value.

Now Available in Hard Copy in Australia

The first edition was publicly released on the 1st of June 2018. The current edition was updated in 2023.

I wanted the book to follow the flow of the presentation, so I’ve the scene with the story of a gun battle where I was caught right in the middle of it. It’s this interesting event that highlights a logical but not so obvious idea:- the manner in which you successfully get people to do your bidding in one scenario will not work in all other scenarios.

Unfortunately most people are continually frustrated when they get push back and resistance and negative responses while trying to get their good ideas across. They use an approach which worked the last time they sought to get buy-in but for some reason it won’t work now. To get things done they’ve generally fallen back to the authority given to them by an organisation’s structure, but this time they have none.

I wrote this book to help you address this challenge and more effectively influence change, specifically in situations where you do not have any formal authority and have a need to present your ideas to an audience.

The content of ‘The Master Presenter’ is extremely beneficial to anyone required to influence others.

  • Teachers and Trainers
  • Parents and Partners
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Small and Medium Business Owners
  • Business Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Improvement Specialists
  • Job Seekers
  • Public Speakers

Drawn directly from my 3-hour presentation, this is really a masterclass in written and visual form.

Primarily you will learn how to present an idea in such a way it flows with the thinking patterns of the people you present it to.

It will stop you from violating the principles that end up causing you to get rejection and push back. If you follow what’s in here, you will significantly raise the probability of getting a YES to your legitimate requests and good ideas.

In addition to structuring a pitch or presentation, The Master Presenter 1 will also discuss a number of other related and underpinning topics.

  • How a PAIN AVOIDANCE FRAME OF REFERENCE is being embedded into the psyche of most people and how you ADJUST YOUR PITCH to suit
  • The 4 MAJOR MISTAKES all leaders and influencers make in PITCHING IDEAS that you must and will avoid
  • The 2 PRIMARY SKILLS the most influential leaders of change UNDERSTAND AND USE that you can apply tomorrow and beyond
  • Why a FAILURE TO SELL GOOD IDEAS WELL is waste in business today and how you SHIFT YOUR THINKING about selling ideas
  • 5 CORE PRINCIPLES that will SHIFT THE RESULTS you experience when pitching ideas for buy-in
  • 3 powerful INFLUENCE AND PERSUASION TOOLS you can use immediately at home and at work
  • 1 LINGUISTIC PATTERN you can apply in every face-2-face and written communication that will positively enhance the interaction

Regardless of your role in business or society, you are an influencer of change. So I hope you take the time to take your skill in this area to another level.

The book was released on 1st of June 2018, you can order a printed version here.

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