George Lee Sye is a Business Improvement Educator and Professional Coach

George rose to prominence working for the government in the counter-terrorism field in the late 80s and 90s, where his deep desire to constantly improve and establish highly professional operations came to the fore. He then moved on to take up and thrive in managerial positions in the corporate world.

He founded Soarent Vision Pty Ltd in 2000 and has continually run that company as Managing Director and most recently established his personal training site – the 9 Skills Factory – where he is now focusing attention on putting everything he knows about career development on the table and delivering his world renowned business improvement (lean six sigma specifically) training.

George has taught personal organisation, performance improvement, change leadership, lean six sigma and business execution concepts directly to more than 100,000 leaders in some of the largest and most significant corporations in the world today.

George launched his podcast The George Experiment in 2019.

Since 2002 he has written 16 books including 2 editions of an 840 page monster text book which has been a benchmark in the business improvement industry. Most of George’s books are now distributed on Amazon and on iTunes in digital form.

George is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast with the ultimate part time job as an on track ride coach with the California Superbike School. What better way to demonstrate that one can make time to pursue one’s passions.

I have strived all of my adult working life to learn and demonstrate the best leadership skills I possibly can. I’ve also pursued a deep understanding of behavioural change and organisational improvement methods, particularly where it’s applied in complex business and social environments. This pursuit slowly evolved over a 40+ year working life into multiple publications and the delivery of a lot of face-2-face coaching and training. It’s been a blast and my desire to continue teaching has never waned.

George Lee Sye

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