A Lifetime’s Worth of Professional Development by George

Hi, I’m George Lee Sye

I have worked with some 220 companies and coached beyond 230,000 people since 1996, many of whom are now Managers, Senior Executives and CEOs with incredibly successful careers.

What I do is provide professional coaching and skills development services to performance driven companies, and support to organisations seeking to optimise performance using buisness improvement strategies.


Goodhart’s Law, the Hawthorne Effect, and Behavioural Change in Organisations

In this article we explore the concepts of Goodhart’s Law and the Hawthorne Effect, their interrelationship, and the implications for designing measurement systems aimed at positively changing employee behaviour.

The Path to Artificial General Intelligence

The concept of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) achieving a level where it can perform tasks better than all human beings is a significant and often discussed goal within the field of AI research.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Future Life with AI

The history and evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fascinating journey that stretches over decades, marked by milestones of innovation, theory, and application.

How Could AI Augment BI and Lean Six Sigma Methods

Answers to the question – Is it possible that AI could be used to augment or improve the way we approach business improvement with lean and six sigma methods.

Tribute To The Last Anzac

Before he died in the early 1980s, Australian patriot George Lee Sye Snr wrote a poem about the last Anzac. He knew that one day this would inevitably come to pass and the status of this person would become legend. Lest we forget!

What Is The Difference Between ChatGPT and Google Search

Google and AI platforms such as ChatGPT are not the same. They have crossover similarities for sure. However, the difference between the two is really quite significant.

Part 1 Argument Fallacies For Every Presenter To Be Aware Of

If you are ever going to deliver a presentation or argument or debate a point, be aware of the fallacies often used to disprove your argument or to convince an audience of another point of view. This is Part 1 of 4.

Part 2 Argument Fallacies For Every Presenter To Be Aware Of

More fallacies that you as an ethical influencer, will probably be confronted with as people attempt to disprove your argument or to convince you of another point of view. This is Part 2 of 4.

Part 3 Argument Fallacies For Every Presenter To Be Aware Of

More fallacies that you as an ethical influencer, will probably be confronted with as people attempt to disprove your argument or to convince you of another point of view. This is Part 3 of 4.

Part 4 Argument Fallacies For Every Presenter To Be Aware Of

In this final article in this series, Part 4 of 4, we look at the two remaining fallacies (aka misleading argument strategies) you need to be aware of.


Lean and Six Sigma Skills Development

Professional Coaching

Here you learn how lean and six sigma methods really work. Based on my 20+ years of research and leading improvement projects across many industries, this teaches you how to quickly generate improvements that are valued.

Change Leader Skills Development

Remote and Classroom

Implementation of BI is supported with both online and classroom training. Here you get my help to develop the skills of your people in a hands on, face-to-face environment, and push them to apply what they learn.

Improvement Implementation

Direct Support

A large chunk of my time is dedicated to work with a few companies that are highly motivated to continually improve, to up-skill staff and line managers, and to effectively utilise business improvement to deliver business plans.

Personal Psychology and Performance

Print Books / eBooks

Books that teach you how to get control of yourself – the conversations you have in your head, how you approach the inevitable problems we all have in life, how you self organise and optimise your productivity.

Business Improvement Books

Print Books  / eBooks

As a leading authority in the practical use and effective implementation of business improvement methods, my books come together as a body of knowledge used by improvement professionals globally.

Change Leadership and Influence

Online Education

At the heart of what I do; I am committed to sharing my deep practical knowledge of the tools of influence and develop the change leadership skills of current and future leaders as a service to all industries. 


George is based in Queensland, Australia and has an incredibly broad experience and knowledge base that’s come from a working career that began in 1975.

He  is a passionate father, grandfather, motorcyclist, husband, coach, mentor and  lifestyle enthusiast. George’s super power is turning complex technical concepts into simple teachable skills that enhance how you improve yourself and your business.

With an extensive career that began in 1975, his coaching is underpinned by a deep and broad working experience across numerous industries and disciplines. The things he knows well include:

  • Business improvement that generates value
  • Public speaking and presenting as an influencer
  • Change leadership
  • Influence and persuasion psychology
  • Executive coaching
  • Group facilitation and team leadership
  • Skill development and course creation
  • Online education

His full story is here.


A collection of the works of George Lee Sye – Performance Psychology, Team Leadership, Business Improvement, Problem Solving, and Wealth Creation in Business.


The Historical Evolution of Motorcycle Tyres and The Future

The Evolution of Motorcycle Tyre Technology The evolution of motorcycle tyre technology is a fascinating journey that reflects broader trends in materials science, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. This history can be broken down into several key phases,...

Motorcycle Stopping Distances – Every Rider Needs to Know About This

The stopping distance of a motorcycle is something every rider must understand. The question we pondered was this – Are distances today shorter than in the past, or as some suggest, have they pretty much stayed the same? This prompted us to go and collect some data for ourselves.

Why Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturers Are Not Keeping Up With the Italians

Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have approached the improvement of their motorcycle models in a traditional incremental improvement manner. Italian motorcycle manufacturers, have taken more of a Silicon Valley approach and it seems they are winning the game.

Electronic Rider Aids – Their Limitations And Should They Be Used in Racing

Over the past 14 years electronic innovations have significantly transformed motorcycle design, making bikes safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable to ride. This is a look at the key electronic advancements that have become integral in modern motorcycle design, their limitations, and should they be a part of motorcycle racing.

The Effect of Gyroscopic Precession on Motorcycle Steering

A spinning wheel on a motorcycle is difficult to turn because of gyroscopic forces. Here is an explanation as to why counter steering is necessary as the speed of any motorcycle increases.

Motorcycle Cornering: Understanding Rear Wheel Slip and Traction

Motorcycle cornering is a thrilling yet complex aspect of riding. One intriguing aspect is how optimum drive occurs when the rear tyre spins 5 to 15 percent faster than the front tyre.

The Parallels of Riding a Superbike and High Performance as an Employee

There are important skills a highly competent motorcycle rider possesses if they are to minimise the risks of falling off at speed. Interestingly, many of these relate strongly to high performance in business and one’s career development. Here’s a few examples.

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