George Lee Sye has finally written down what has taken him more than 20 years to learn, understand and embed into how he thinks. After 1000s of requests it is now finally in book form and a piece of work he’s really proud of.

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Have you ever had a good idea, one that you knew would benefit others, but when you presented it you got pushback and resistance? Remember the frustration that caused you to feel.

Regardless of whether it was in a formal setting, socially, or even at home with the family, everyone has felt that at some time.

It happens because the idea is pitched in a way that matches your thinking at that moment, but not the thinking pattern of your audience.

What if you could deliver the information in such a way that people don’t immediately resist, and they give it due consideration before deciding – that would significantly raise the likelihood of you getting a YES response and their willingness to buy into the idea.


George Lee Sye has delivered more than 2,000 presentations over a 20 year period and educated somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 people. He is now renowned for his ability to get buy-in to ideas and influence behaviour change in virtually any environment.

He has finally put what he knows into what is effectively a written masterclass in presenting and pitching ideas.

The Master Presenter: Delivering the Perfect Pitch was written to help you address the challenges of presenting good ideas, and more effectively influence change specifically in situations where you do not have any formal authority over your audience.

What you will get out of this book includes:

  1. Three psychological principles you must consider when designing and delivering a presentation
  2. A five-point checklist of presentation errors you will no longer make
  3. An introduction to hypnotic language and linguistics that either undermine or enhance your presentation
  4. A persuasion tool that will make your requests almost irresistible
  5. The 4 phase presentation structure used by the world’s most effective speakers, teachers and entrepreneurs
  6. The design and delivery structure for the most persuasive pitch of a value adding idea
  7. The tools you need to have your presentations capture the attention of any audience


The content of this book is extremely beneficial to anyone required to influence others, such as:

  • Teachers and Trainers
  • Parents and Partners
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Small and Medium Business Owners
  • Business Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Improvement Specialists
  • Job Seekers
  • Public Speakers

Drawn directly from the author’s 3-hour presentation that has been delivered directly to 50,000+ professionals and influencers of change, this is a masterclass written in a form that is easy to digest and apply.


Primarily you will learn how to design a presentation and then pitch an idea in such a way it flows with the thinking patterns of the people you present it to.

It will stop you from violating the principles that cause you to get rejection and push back.

By following what’s in this book, you will significantly raise the probability of getting a YES to your legitimate requests and good ideas.

In addition to the structure of a persuasive presentation, The Master Presenter #1 will also discuss a number of other related and underpinning topics.


How a PAIN AVOIDANCE FRAME OF REFERENCE is being embedded into the psyche of most people and how you ADJUST YOUR PRESENTATION to suit


The FIVE MAJOR MISTAKES all leaders and influencers make in PITCHING IDEAS that you must and will avoid


The 2 PRIMARY SKILLS the most influential leaders of change UNDERSTAND AND USE that you can apply tomorrow and beyond


Why a FAILURE TO SELL GOOD IDEAS WELL is waste in business today and how you SHIFT YOUR THINKING about selling ideas


5 CORE PRINCIPLES that will SHIFT THE RESULTS you experience when pitching ideas for buy-in


A powerful INFLUENCE AND PERSUASION TOOL you can use immediately at home and at work


A LINGUISTIC PATTERN you can apply that will positively enhance conversational interaction


A FOUR-PHASE STRATEGY for getting buy-in to your good ideas and achieving long term sustainable change

Regardless of your role in business or society, you are an influencer and you do present ideas of value. How well you do this will have an enormous effect on your success in life in general.
George Lee Sye | Author


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