After almost ten years of giving our all to large corporations, I’ve finally made space to deliver publicly what has to be the most practical and sensible Lean Six Sigma training program in the region.


Lean Six Sigma training is not what it used to be, well not in our case anyway.

It seems that many training organisations make the fatal mistake of using the old approach to training with six sigma methodology and then slipping into the mix a few lean tools so they can refer to it as lean six sigma.

Unfortunately this is exactly what creates problems in the industry and in this country. It doesn’t work properly, students struggle to understand how it is used properly and it gives lean six sigma a bad name.

My approach to lean six sigma training has been super successful for our corporate customers for these reasons:

  1. I don’t treat lean six sigma as the be all or end all, I teach it as¬†an improvement approach and toolkit that’s used to help you ‘execute’ your business plan
  2. I teach lean and six sigma in two separate contexts where they each address a specific improvement issue the way they were intended
  3. I use a sophisticated business simulation that effectively represents the dynamics of production and service environments, not a lego assembly game
  4. Students get a tonne of ‘hands-on’ involvement in using both methods so they experience the toolkits
  5. The goal is always to get the improvement and generate value, not use a pre-determined list of lean or six sigma tools
  6. My students realise that what I really teach them is (a) how to ask the right questions and (b) how to look at business and processes in a way that drives value adding improvement and will enhance their career significantly like it has mine

Please pass this on to anyone you know is ready for this type of career development.

100,000+ students around the world have enjoyed the fruits of professional development with George Lee Sye. Now his training content is accessible through his professional skills development platform located at the 9 Skills Factory web site.

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