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Since the early 2000s, we’ve partnered organisations, such as CPA Australia, Government Agencies, Private and Not-for-profit Enterprises and groups such as Women’s Network Australia, to deliver influence and persuasion, organisational change and business execution master classes to their members.

Any presentations you may have recently seen are simply snapshots of the content George teaches through his 9 SKILLS FACTORY platform.

The 9SF platform offers a business solution that will significantly lower company training costs for high quality professional development, especially if you access his training in legacy pack form.


What You and Your Business Can Achieve Through 9SF

  1. Everybody communicates in a way that connects to the mental processing patterns of the listener – no more COMMUNICATION BARRIERS
  2. Good ideas no longer get REJECTED because of incorrect pitching processes – now we all present our ideas for change in a form that engages and facilitates better decision making
  3. No more TEDIOUS slide PRESENTATIONS – all presentations are delivered in a way that is interesting, captures our imagination and inspires us towards positive change
  4. MEETINGS no longer run OVERTIME and waste our time – now they all run to purpose, on time and achieve clear outcomes
  5. Everybody is able to REMOVE WASTE from business processes, MAKE HIGH QUALITY DECISIONS supported by quantitative analysis, and positively treat PROCESS VARIATION which we are all exposed to

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