A 12 Point BI Project Execution Challenge for Every BI Professional



For more information and to review details of the challenge, visit https://www.9skillsfactory.com/12-point-project-execution-challenge-information where you’ll discover one of the most significant developments in the world of business improvement.

Video Transcript


For many years now, the focus of business improvement training has been on linear and chronological teaching of the DMAIC sequence, and all of the tools that can be used as one passes through that model.

And that approach is necessary for candidates to learn lean six sigma.

But the real world application of those methods and the DMAIC model is not linear. Nor do we use all of the tools we’re taught in training.

Also, on numerous occasions in the process of problem solving, we engage in activities that do not even require the use of tools.

Unfortunately, most lean six sigma training has continued to employ a very traditional approach, which is training people in the tools of business improvement, not its application or the execution of its use in the dynamics of a real workplace.

That leaves many training graduates in a position where application of what they have learnt is difficult and challenging.


So, in 2020 we modelled what we’ve been developing since 2001 in leading and executing highly successful improvement projects for customers in much faster time frames than has been the norm.

George turned it into a learnable 12 point framework that focuses on fast and effective execution of business improvement work suitable for every level of lean six sigma, from green belt to master black belt.

And, most importantly, we turned it into a mission based challenge that is applicable in every industry.


This is some of what you’ll learn in the training:

1. How the DMAIC sequence is actually applied in 4 distinct chunks of work.

2. How to minimise the number of team meetings required to complete a project.

3. How to set up the project at the front end so as to maintain momentum and increase the probability of success.

4. How to get commitment at the start to the people and time you need to complete the work, and

5. You’ll also learn how to complete the project from problem to solution implementation plan, in as little as two weeks.

Even if you’ve been using the DMAIC model to lead lean and six sigma projects for decades, this course will enhance everything you now do, and take your ability to deliver faster project outcomes to a higher level.


This is definitely not a course in theory.

This mission based challenge training explains how to effectively apply BI methods and was developed in the real world of project execution over a period spanning more than 20 years.

And it integrates perfectly with any technical lean six sigma training you’ve already completed.


Look, you can do what many people will do and that’s to stick with what you know now.

If you’re new to the game, that would mean a long slow process of discovery of how to apply improvement methods.

If you’re experienced, through repetition you can slowly improve by experimenting over a long time period.

Or, in an accelerated time frame, you can expand your understanding of how far project execution methods have developed, evolved and adapted to the needs of modern day industry, and in the process execute value adding improvement work.

Every BI professional knows that we need to deliver project results faster and more effectively than ever before.

So if you’re committed to that, click on the link above and register today, and we’ll see you in this very cool program.

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