Regardless of your role in business or society, you are an influencer and you do need to present ideas of value. How well you do this will have an enormous effect on your success in life in general.  I wrote this book to help you achieve success in the endeavour.

George Lee Sye

Remember when ..

You had a great idea,  you knew it would make a difference,  so you put time and energy into developing it.

But when you presented it resistance was right there in your face, feelings of frustration surged through your body, and your idea now sits on a shelf gathering dust.

This happens to everyone at some time!

What if ..

You knew why people might resist your idea,
you could present that idea and have it considered properly, and
your presentation actually helped you overcome resistance!

The days of presenting ideas and getting resistance before your audience understands the idea fully are officially gone!

George Lee Sye’s new book took 20 years to create, you can read it in less than a day.

George wrote this book so that people like you ..

Who aren’t psychologists

Who can’t hypnotise people

Who haven’t perfected a sales pitch

.. can easily design and deliver a presentation that captures audience attention,
and causes them to consider the idea fully.

After reading this book you’ll ..

Know why you are getting resistance

Know the 4 principles you must not violate if you want to be successful in your pitch

Have a 5 point checklist of mistakes that you will no longer make

Be able to design and deliver a pitch / presentation that is perfectly in sync with how your audience thinks

Even if you don’t present from a stage, you are selling ideas!

Regardless of whether you are a Parent, Teacher, Student, Employee, Manager, CEO, Entrepreneur. Improvement professional, Author, or Speaker …

… what you learn in this book will be invaluable to you as an influencer.

Grab your copy and learn how to design and deliver a magical presentation.


How a PAIN AVOIDANCE FRAME OF REFERENCE is being embedded into the psyche of most people and how you ADJUST YOUR PRESENTATION to suit


5 CORE PRINCIPLES that will SHIFT THE RESULTS you experience when pitching ideas for buy-in


The FIVE MAJOR MISTAKES all leaders and influencers make in PITCHING IDEAS that you must and will avoid


The 2 PRIMARY SKILLS the most influential leaders of change UNDERSTAND AND USE that you can apply tomorrow and beyond


Why a FAILURE TO SELL GOOD IDEAS WELL is waste in business and how you SHIFT YOUR THINKING about selling ideas


A powerful INFLUENCE AND PERSUASION TOOL you can use immediately at home and at work


An influential LANGUAGE PATTERN you must use to positively enhance conversational interaction


A 4 PHASE STRATEGY for getting buy-in to your good ideas and achieving long term sustainable change

Ultimately you’ll learn how to design a presentation and then pitch an idea in such a way it flows with the thinking patterns of the people you present it to.

And you’ll have these at your fingertips:

Four psychological principles you must consider when designing and delivering a presentation

A five-point checklist of presentation errors you will no longer make

An introduction to the use of words that are probably undermining your presentations right now

A persuasion tool that will make your requests almost irresistible

The 4 phase presentation structure used by the world’s most effective speakers, teachers and entrepreneurs

The design and delivery structure for the most persuasive pitch of a value adding idea

The tools you need to have your presentations capture the attention of any audience

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